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Consultation with stakeholders

To ensure that the SACE Board is regularly provided with advice from its key stakeholders, a number of formal consultative groups have been established. These include:

In addition the Chief Executive of the SACE Board meets regularly with the Chief Executives of the Department for Education and the Department of State Development, as well as principals associations for government, independent, and Catholic school sectors.

Statement of Commitment on VET

The recognition of vocational education and training (VET) towards the SACE is a key element of the SACE's flexibility.

The SACE Board has developed a Statement of Commitment in collaboration with the Training and Skills Commission. This is designed to reflect each organisation's responsibilities in relation to vocational education and training, and to give expression to each organisation's commitment to ensuring students have the best opportunities to pursue VET pathways while still at school.

The SACE Board is committed to working closely with the VET sector and VET practitioners to maintain the currency and relevance of its policies for recognising VET in the SACE.