Stage 2 | Assessment Type 1: Folio

Stage 2
Assessment Type 1: Folio

School assessment Weighting: 20%

The Tourism folio is assessed by the school and moderated at Stage 2. Teachers select moderation samples and submit materials online by mid-November (Round B).

Students undertake at least two critical analysis assessments for the folio.

Students interpret and critically analyse secondary sources of information in tourism contexts appropriate to the themes or topics being studied. Two forms of critical analysis assessments are suggested below to help teachers to design assessments. 

The length for a non-supervised critical analysis assessment is a maximum of 1000 words for a written text or a maximum of 6 minutes for an oral presentation, or the equivalent in multimodal form. For supervised tasks, a time limit must be specified.

Student work should be their own. See Supervision and verification of student work.

Assessment tasks