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Health and Wellbeing Reflective practice

Used primarily in the initiative, folio and inquiry assessment tasks.

  • Personalisation
  • Reflection on their own feelings and reasons for those
  • Reflection on how their understanding has changed
  • Relate own survey results to local/Australian/world trends
  • Analysis of impacts of the issue on all areas of individual health and local or global context.

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RP2 Evaluation of personal and/or social action through reflective practice

  • Evaluating the health outcomes of actions implemented by the student in the initiative assessment (using feedback received, evidence of adjustment to the initiative through reflective practice during the implementation, improvement of health outcomes achieved by the initiative)
  • Evaluating actions which are currently in place (are they working? What can be improved?)
  • Personal and/or social actions that can be used to minimise the issue – what can individuals do to help with this issue? How would this help?

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