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Health and Wellbeing Critical thinking

Used primarily in the initiative, folio and inquiry assessment tasks.

  • Students will show understanding by researching trends and or issues using local, national, global, sources which are up to date, relevant and reliable and compare between these
  • Analyse these trends/issues by discussing reasons for their increase/decrease (risk factors, social determinants)
  • Analysis of impacts of the trend/issue on areas of health and across varied health contexts (i.e. considering aspects of individual, local and or global health contexts).

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CT2 Development of an empathetic and ethical understanding of health and wellbeing issues

  • Developing understanding, being aware of and being sensitive to the feelings, thoughts and experience of others
  • Demonstrating capacity to understand other’s perspectives
  • having humility and curiosity regarding other people’s perspectives while still being able to articulate your own perspective
  • Ethics affect how people make decisions and lead their lives
  • Students discussing their own values, morals and attitudes to health and wellbeing issues and contrasting them with others who do not necessarily share the same values, morals and attitudes
  • Showing understanding of social justice issues, social equity, inequalities
  • Individual vs community vs government responsibilities in addressing health issues 
  • Demonstrating critical thinking regarding the ethics and through empathetic understanding the likelihood of varied approaches to enhancing health and wellbeing achieving success for their specific context.

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'Empathy' definition

"The action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner."


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CT3 Analysis of health and wellbeing concepts to make recommendations or solve problem

  • Analysing risk factors (e.g. social determinants of health) to analyse reasons for health issues being prevalent for certain population groups
  • Suggesting ways to minimize health issues through health promotion targeting risk factors
  • This could be improving current health promotion strategies (e.g. are they working, why/why not? How can they be improved?) and/or discussing alternative ways to improve health issues at individual, local, & global level
  • Can the student suggest relevant, thoughtful suggestions for the future?

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