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Shyann Edwards

Me, myself and I

"Insanity can mean a few different things. It can mean an illness that someone has or it can also mean that they aren’t all there in the head. Insanity can be from hearing voices in your head. It can also mean you are physically unwell as well. People that are deemed “insane” may experience episodes where they see or hear things that aren’t there, when someone is “insane” they are mentally and physically smart. Insanity can lead to some people taking drugs it’s a form to make the “insane” person feel some sort of emotion or feeling. Not only that it may help with voices some may hear, extreme insanity that’s out of control can lead to extreme use of drugs, hospital visits, mental institutions and even death. There’s a great fear of facing who they really are on the insides."

View Shyann's practitioners statement [PDF 80KB]

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