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Meet the artist

Maurice Karpany, 2021 Minister for Human Services Regional Encouragement Award recipient.

How do you feel to be an award winner at the 2021 SACE Art Show?

I feel very surprised that I got picked, but I'm honored and thankful to be one of the award winners. I never thought this could happen.

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What was the inspiration behind your work?

What inspired me to do my work was my culture. Art is always a part of indigenous history, and I wanted to show that cultural identity through my artworks and illustrate that clearly.

Tell us about the creative process you took with your work?

The idea started from my cultural background and my individuality. I added my dreaming story, which involved the Murray cod from the Riverland, and also worked with footy ideas as it has a connection to indigenous people and because I enjoy that. I kept making ideas around those key things.

What advice would you have to Stage 2 Visual Arts students in 2021?

My advice for younger art students would be to implement your personal interests and individuality in your works, so that you develop ‘your’ style. This will guide you through your art journey, and will lead you to greater success as an artist.

What pathway are you taking after your SACE – university/TAFE/jobs?

My pathway for my life now is a mystery to me still, as I've never intentionally thought about the future. I've always focused on the present. But recently I decided to start focusing on job-related stuff now and through this year, start making a plan to get into higher education for next year, which focuses and involves my interests of art, hands-on work, or sports.