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Bookings are essential to ensure that you can be accommodated in the venue and that workshop materials are available. 

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Categories Professional Development
Title SACE Management Conversations

SACE managers can learn and hear more about the SACE Board’s direction of travel and vision to shape education so students thrive.

Participants will hear about the strategic work being undertaken on the Learner Profile, Capabilities, recognition of learning, revitalisation of the Research Project and Personal Learning Plan, learning transfer, and Aboriginal education.

They will also find out how their school can get involved in this work through the SACE Change Network.

Later in the event, participants can select a conversation from either Session 1 or Session 2.




What story does your school’s data tell you?


An opportunity to build an understanding of how to use  data available to schools as a basis for educational outcomes , decision making and questioning assumptions to improve student outcomes.

Determining Predicted exam results


This conversation will focus on strategies used by schools to determine valid predicted exam results. The focus will be on sharing experiences and discussing approaches.

SACE completion and flexible solutions


There are a range of mechanisms in the SACE designed to support students who are at risk of not completing their SACE this year. Using case studies, group discussions and guidance from facilitators, this session will explore potential options for your students' success.

Streamlining Online Submission of Materials


Strategies to use throughout the year to ease the management and online submission of student folios for marking and moderation are explored in this interactive workshop.

Subject Renewal


This session aims to provide SACE Managers with an understanding of tools and processes SACE are using to support subject renewal and implementation, in more collaborative and responsive modes. The session will also provide an opportunity to ask questions and share insights about supporting subject renewal in your school, and name the additional supports, processes and tools that might assist your school community further.

Assessment Schedule


This conversation will focus on exploring the risks and benefits of making changes to the end of year Assessment Schedule.

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