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Bookings are essential to ensure that you can be accommodated in the venue and that workshop materials are available. Bookings close two working days prior to each workshop, and seven days prior to each video conference.

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Title SACE Management Conferences

The SACE Management Conferences are for school leaders with the delegated responsibility for the management of SACE assessment and quality assurance. This includes SACE Coordinators, principals' delegates, and/or curriculum leaders.

The focus will be on the improving phase of the quality assurance cycle and on providing information on working towards the modernisation of the SACE. Participants will discuss key issues and learning from 2019 and consider key changes for 2020 and their implications for schools.

Participants will have the opportunity to work collaboratively to prepare and plan for the 2020 school year.

Two PLATO courses titled New SACE Coordinators Semester 1 and New SACE Coordinators Semester 2 are available and have been specifically designed for new SACE Coordinators and school leaders to understand the requirements of the role for all phases of the quality assurance cycle. If you are new to the role we encourage you to undertake the PLATO courses if possible, before attending this workshop.

One Skype Conference is available for metropolitan, rural or regional participants.

PLEASE NOTE: Funding for TRTs and travel is not available for SACE Management Conferences.
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