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The following texts are suggestions for the study of Essential English. These examples are not meant to be prescriptive or exhaustive, but are indicative of the nature of appropriate texts.

  • Belinger, B. and Sinofsky,B., Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
  • Blair, W., The Sapphires
  • Cordell, M and Young, S., Year of the Dogs
  • Crowe, R., The Water Diviner
  • Darling, I., Paul Kelly - Stories of Me
  • Down, E., The Black Balloon
  • Eastwood, C., Invictus or Million Dollar Baby
  • Gast, L., When We Were Kings
  • Guggenhiem, D., An Inconvenient Truth
  • Jann, M., Drop Dead Gorgeous
  • Kapur, S., Elizabeth
  • LaGravenese, R., Freedom Writers
  • Lewis, M., Cane Toads: An Unnatural History
  • Luhrmann, B., The Great Gatsby
  • Moore, M., (documentaries)
  • Reggio, G., Qatsi trilogy including Koyaanisqatsi, Koyaanisqatsi, Naqoyqatsi
  • Reitman, J., Juno
  • Salles, W., The Motorcycle Diaries
  • Stenders, K., Red Dog
  • Various directors, Man vs Wild (Bear Grylls)