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Monique Langley-Freeman

Education Consultant
+61 8 8115 4720

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+61 8 8115 4700

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Essential English

Stage 1 Essential English is designed for a range of students, including those who are seeking to meet the SACE literacy requirement, students planning to pursue a career in a range of trades or vocational pathways, and those intending to continue their study of English at Stage 2. There is an emphasis on communication, comprehension, analysis, and text creation. This subject leads to Stage 2 Essential English and may also lead to other Stage 2 English subjects.

In Stage 2 Essential English students respond to, and create texts in and for a range of personal, social, cultural, community, and/or workplace contexts.

Students who complete 20 credits of this subject with a C grade or better will meet the literacy requirement of the SACE.

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Subject codes

Stage 1
Credits Code
10 1ETE10
20 1ETE20
Stage 2
Credits Code
20 2ETE20