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The following texts are suggestions for the study of English. These examples are not meant to be prescriptive or exhaustive, but are indicative of the nature of appropriate texts.

  • Aidoo, A., The Dilemma of a Ghost
  • Bovell, A., When the Rain Stops Falling
  • Cameron, M., Ruby Moon
  • Enoch, W and Mailman, D., The Seven Stages of Grieving
  • Gow, M., Away
  • Kalnejais, R., Babyteeth
  • Miller, A., The Crucible
  • Mueller, R., The Messenger
  • Murray-Smith, J., The Female of the Species
  • Oswald, D., Mr Bailey's Minder
  • Rose, R., Twelve Angry Men
  • Priestley, J., An Inspector Calls
  • Romeril, J., The Floating World
  • Sabawi, S., Tales of a City by the Sea
  • Samuels, D., Kindertransport
  • Shakespeare, W., any play
  • State Theatre Company, any production