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Stage 1

Stage 1 of the SACE usually begins in Year 10, with students studying the Personal Learning Plan, and continues through Year 11. In Year 11 students can choose from a range of SACE Stage 1 subjects offered by their school.

There are three compulsory requirements at Stage 1:

  • the Personal Learning Plan, worth 10 credits
  • a full year of English, worth 20 credits
  • a semester of mathematics, worth 10 credits.

The English and mathematics subjects fulfil the literacy and numeracy requirements of the SACE. For all of these subjects students will need to achieve a C grade or higher to achieve their SACE.

At Stage 1, subjects are 100 per cent assessed by teachers at schools. Marks in the compulsory subjects (Personal Learning Plan, and English and mathematics) are double-checked (moderated) by external experts. Students receive a final grade from A to E for each Stage 1 subject.

For general information about Stage 1 subjects, see Teaching Stage 1.

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