Subject information

Stage 1 English has an emphasis on responding to texts, creating texts, and intertextual study. Students critically and creatively engage with a variety of types of texts including novels, film, media, poetry, and drama texts. Stage 1 English articulates with the Stage 2 English subjects.

In Stage 2 English students analyse the interrelationships of author, text, and audience, with an emphasis on how language and stylistic features shape ideas and perspectives in a range of contexts.

Stage 1 subject code: 1ESH10 or 1ESH20

Credits: 10 or 20

Stage 2 subject code from 2017: 2ESH20

Credits: 20

Stage 1 subject outline 2018 [DOC 137KB]

Stage 2 subject outline 2018 [DOC 150KB]


Changes to moderation sample selection

The SACE Board no longer selects Stage 2 moderation samples for school assessed materials. Teachers are responsible for selecting the moderation sample.

Read more about moderation sample selection, including FAQs and an instructional video.
Contact – Stage 1
Martin Gray
SACE Officer – Curriculum and Assessment
+61 8 8372 7409
Contact – Stage 2
Meridie Howley
Senior SACE Officer – Curriculum and Assessment
+61 8 8372 7525