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English Stage 1
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Assessment Type 2: Creating Texts

Students create written, oral, and/or multimodal texts.

For a 10-credit subject, students create at least one text. For a 20-credit subject, students create at least two texts.

In creating texts, students aim to achieve a level of precision, fluency, and coherence appropriate for audience and context.

A written text should be a maximum of 800 words; an oral should be a maximum of  
5 minutes; a text in multimodal form should be of equivalent length.

The texts created could include, but are not limited to:

  • a persuasive piece (e.g. an advocacy website, essay, or blog comment(s))
  • a written narrative or imaginative short story
  • a digital slide presentation on a topic of interest
  • a multimedia display to inform a target group about a community issue
  • a feature article for a magazine
  • a news item for a news service, either printed, on television, on the radio, or online
  • a narrative with a writer’s statement
  • a text based on themes or characters from another text
  • a poem
  • a play script
  • an infographic
  • a short film
  • a speech
  • a recount, or a chapter of an autobiography or a biography.

For this assessment type, students provide evidence of their learning primarily in relation to the following assessment design criteria:

  • knowledge and understanding
  • application.