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Kate Hendry

Becoming a Woman in 2020

The winner of the inaugural 2020 SACE Art Show ACSA Award is Kate Hendry for her work ‘Becoming a woman in 2020’. The Unley High School graduate will receive a gift voucher to undertake a short course at Adelaide Central School of Art kindly donated by Adelaide Central School of Art.

"My final work, Becoming a Woman in 2020, is multi-media sculpture representative of a year long journey of exploration and discovery. It was prompted by a desire to push the boundaries of contemporary portraiture, whilst defining the transition period occurring throughout this age group, as we move from schooling to life beyond. The sculpture is composed of two distinct 2D renderings of the model, Kate, which were completed primarily with oil paint on wooden boards (120cm x 130cm), before being combined. As the viewer travels around the sculpture, they are presented with two distinct sides of the model, or alternatively the art world; abstract and realism."

View Kate's practitioners statement [PDF 39KB]

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