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Madeline Cole

The Whiteboard

The recipient of the 2020 SACE Art Show’s UniSA Outstanding Creative Project Award is Madeline Cole for her work ‘The Whiteboard’. The Seymour College graduate will receive a $500 voucher kindly donated by UniSA.

"The Whiteboard is a large scale (200cm x 250cm), abstract expressionist piece that depicts my life journey. Driven by the works of Cy Twombly and Pablo Picasso, I was inspired to use abstracted fragments of paint, as the medium’s qualities helped assist in creating a sense of depth and tactility. Each line and brush stroke is a symbol for the experiences and memories I have accumulated during my years as a child and young adult. Moreover, I wanted to link concepts and techniques found in the work of abstract-expressionist artists like Ash Holmes and the late Jean-Michel Basquiat to illustrate an emotional driven and vibrant artwork."

View Madeline's practitioners statement [PDF 40KB]

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