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Maggs, William

John Stevens

"I have always been fascinated by the unique and varied shape of the human face. The varied expressions, skin types and facial features are endless and supplemented with personal statements that include fashion, colours and cultural identity. The inspiration for this painting developed from my experimentation and research where I painted a variety of portraits to portray diversity, uniqueness as well as imperfections. The alluring form of skin tones that come with such warmth and pattern inspired me to take on the challenge of painting darker skin tones. I think the beauty of this painting is that it started with an interaction with one of my peers. Initially I was going to use a reference image from a website but felt it had no meaningful connection. Despite obstacles with my Deafness, I was able to use an interpreter to create a conversation with John that enabled me to gain an in depth understanding of his personality and identity."

View William's practitioners statement [PDF 32KB]

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