Policies, procedures and guidelines

The SACE Policy Framework [PDF] includes the three central policies that define the SACE, covering the accreditation of subjects and recognition of learning, learning and assessment design, and quality assurance processes.

The SACE Board's work is underpinned by a range of policies, procedures and guidelines.

Many of these are essential reading for teachers and school leaders, containing requirements and guidance for the teaching and assessing of SACE subjects.

The SACE Board policy documents in this section are categorised according to their key functions.

Also included here are the SACE Policy Updates, which provide easy-to-read summaries of key policies and procedures.

  • Policies and Procedures

    Assessment related grievances, appeals and investigations241 KB
    Data Reporting to Third Parties Policy44 KB
    Ethical Conduct of Research310 KB
    Guidelines for Assigning a Level of SACE to a VET Qualification114 KB
    Guidelines for the Development of Local Programs and Integrated Programs124 KB
    Guidelines for the Development of New Subjects110 KB
    Guidelines for the Recognition of Courses147 KB
    Merit Policy and Procedures242 KB
    Policy Statement - Freedom of Information and Confidentiality42 KB
    Private Candidature151 KB
    Prizes and Awards Policy163 KB
    Recognition Arrangements for courses in the SACE Policy190 KB
    Recognition Arrangements for Vocational Education and Training (VET) in the SACE173 KB
    Recognition of Community Learning112 KB
    Redrafting, Reuse of Assessed Work, and Assessment Deadlines and Submission Dates141 KB
    SACE Assessment and Quality Assurance of Board-Accredited Subjects204 KB
    SACE Assessment and Reporting Guidelines 2014349 KB
    SACE Assessment Responsibilities Code of Practice303 KB
    SACE Capabilities Policy257 KB
    SACE Data and Information Policy48 KB
    SACE Modified Subjects Policy173 KB
    SACE Policy Framework316 KB
    SACE Stage 1 Moderation Overview 2014804 KB
    SACE Stage 2 Assessment Calculations - Technical Procedures231 KB
    SACE Stage 2 Moderation Overview 2014625 KB
    SACE Word-count21 KB
    Special Provisions in Curriculum and Assessment 2014246 KB
    Stage 2 External Examination Marking381 KB
    Stage 2 External Marking_On Site383 KB
    Stage 2 Investigations External Marking383 KB
    Supervision and Verification of Students' Work187 KB
    Terminology for the SACE112 KB
    VET Recognition Register - Information sheet106 KB
  • Policy Updates

    Adult Students and Students with Interstate or Overseas Qualifications1 MB
    Assessment and Reporting for SACE Subjects144 KB
    Literacy and Numeracy2 MB
    Quality Assurance in the SACE3 MB
    SACE Assessment Responsibilities144 KB
    SACE Certification Requirements139 KB
    SACE Modified Subjects1 MB
    SACE Overview1 MB
    Stage 2 Assessment and Quality Assurance137 KB
    VET in the SACE3 MB