SACE Data Reports | Protocols for Use

Policies and protocols for use of SACE Data

The following policies and protocols apply to the use of all SACE Board data and are designed to ensure that the use of SACE Board data and data analysis is valid and accurate, and is conducted in accordance with agreed policies and protocols based on the SACE Board of South Australia's commitment to ethical and equity principles.

Suitable acknowledgement must be made of the SACE Board of South Australia as the source of any data, explanations and analysis supplied by the SACE Board, including reference to the document from which it was obtained.

Any analysis or interpretation of SACE Board data that is not provided by the SACE Board of South Australia:

  • must not be attributed to the SACE Board, nor presented in such a way that it appears to be attributed to the SACE Board
  • must use SACE Board terminology as in the SACE Board data and information provided
  • must be written in such a way as to minimise the likelihood of data being taken out of context or otherwise misinterpreted.

Drafts of any research product(s) based on SACE Board data that are to be published, must be provided to the SACE Board of South Australia prior to that product being submitted for publication.

Any reasonable comment on the research product(s) that is given by the SACE Board must be accommodated in the publication.

Precautions have been taken to ensure that data provided is accurate.

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