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SACE completion

A SACE completer is a student who has achieved 200 SACE credits which include at least:

  1. a C grade in the Stage 1 compulsory requirements of PLP, literacy and numeracy
  2. a C- in the Stage 2 compulsory requirement of the Research Project, and
  3. a C- in 60 additional Stage 2 credits (other Board-accredited subjects and/or Board-recognised courses).

SACE completion data is generated once each year's SACE results are calculated. The information is made available in December as part of the general reporting on subject results. SACE completion information is included in the reports sent to schools at this time, however the data can only be considered finalised in February of the following year, after the clerical check period is over.

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Please note

Only students from South Australian schools are represented in the data on this website.