Stage 2 in 2022 | Assessment Type 1: Investigations Folio

Assessment Type 1: Investigations Folio

School assessment Weighting: 30%

The Psychology investigations folio is assessed by the school and moderated at Stage 2. Teachers select moderation samples and submit materials online by mid-November (Round B).

Students undertake:

  • at least one psychological investigation. Where only one psychological investigation is undertaken it must include deconstruction of a problem and design of a psychological investigation
  • one investigation with a focus on science as a human endeavour.

Evidence of deconstruction (where applicable) should outline the deconstruction process, the method designed as most appropriate, and a justification of the plan of action, to a maximum of 4 sides of an A4 page. This evidence must be attached to the practical report.

The practical report should be a maximum of 1500 words if written, or a maximum of 9 minutes for an oral presentation, or the equivalent in multimodal form.

Student work should be their own. See Supervision and verification of student work.

Student responses

  • Student responses

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