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Politics, Power and People Stage 1
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Version 2.0
For teaching in 2022. Accredited in May 2020 for teaching at Stage 1 from 2021.  See subject changes for 2022.

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Option themes 

Each option theme consists of four inquiry questions, and allows students to develop their knowledge of political systems and practices in the context of a specific political situation or circumstance. The option themes are not intended to be prescriptive. Teachers should use their own knowledge and resources to develop suitable option themes that build on students’ interests. Teachers should guide students to consider social characteristics that may be central to the option theme, such as gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and socio-economic and professional status.

In consultation with students, teachers select one option theme for a 10‑credit subject and two option themes for a 20‑credit subject.

The following option themes are available:

  • Option theme 1: The game of sport and politics
  • Option theme 2: Religion and politics: allies or foes
  • Option theme 3: Australian media: entertainer or informer
  • Option theme 4: Breaking barriers for women in politics: the struggle for visibility and voice
  • Option theme 5: Migration and membership: the politics of its meaning
  • Option theme 6: Reimagining our future.