Outdoor Education | Subject renewal

Outdoor Education subject renewal – implementation

To successfully teach Stage 1 Outdoor Education as a renewed subject in 2020, we are supporting you and your school with a suite of implementation activities.

To learn why we renew subjects, see Subject renewal and implementation.

Pathway to successful implementation

Implementation activities will be delivered through online PLATO courses and in-person workshops. To gain maximum benefit, it is recommended that you complete the online course before attending any workshops.

This flowchart is designed to guide you through activities used to successfully implement Stage 1 Outdoor Education at your school in 2020.


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Step 1: Online PLATO course

The course will cover:

  • an overview of the changes
  • possible pedagogical approaches
  • extending the subject's capabilities
  • sample learning and assessment plans
  • sample task sheets.

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Step 2: Workshops

Workshops will cover:

  • thinking about pedagogical approaches
  • collaborative practical learning opportunities, including designing and critiquing programs, learning and assessment plans and tasks
  • supporting students to capture evidence and use reflective practice.

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