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English Stage 2
Subject outline

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Stage 2 | Subject outline | School assessment | Assessment Type 1: Responding to Texts

Assessment Type 1: Responding to Texts (30%)

Students produce three responses to texts. Two of the responses must be written, and one must be oral. Either the oral response or one of the written pieces may be replaced by a multimodal response.

The texts on which the responses are based must be chosen from at least three of the categories listed below.

One of the three responses could be a comparison of two or more texts from within or across these categories.

The categories are:

  1. an extended text such as a novel, a graphic novel, a collection of short stories, a biography, or other non-fiction prose text
  2. a selection of poetry texts such as a poet study, anthology, theme study, song lyrics
  3. a drama text or performance
  4. a film or episode of a television miniseries
  5. media texts from newspapers, magazines, radio, television, the internet, or other digital sources such as advertisements, talkback radio programs, technical articles, news presentations, sports reports, political commentary or cartoons, editorials, websites, social media, blogs, podcasts, or gaming.

The written responses should total a maximum of 2000 words; the oral response should be a maximum of 6 minutes; a response in multimodal form should be of equivalent length.

For this assessment type, students provide evidence of their learning in relation to the following assessment design criteria:

  • knowledge and understanding
  • analysis
  • application.