Subject renewal (implementation)

Community Connections Subject renewal – implementation

To successfully teach Stage 2 Community Connections as a renewed subject in 2022 we are supporting you and your school with some implementation activities.

To learn why we renew subjects, see Subject renewal and implementation.

Pathway to successful implementation

Implementation activities will be delivered through online PLATO courses and in-person workshops. 

Access the Community Connections implementation PLATO course.



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Online PLATO course

The course will cover an overview of the changes,  and examples of student work across the new assessment types. This course will be available on 8 December.

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Information session

A combined information session for the new subjects: Stage 2 Community Connections and Stage 2 Industry Connections to be taught in 2022, will include:

  • key changes (from Community Studies B to Community Connections)
  • an overview of the new Industry Connections subject outline
  • unpacking key aspects of both subject outlines.

The information session will be recorded and made available on the SACE website at a later date.

Please note: funding for TRTs is not available for teachers to undertake the implementation activities or attend the online information session.

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