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The SACE Board has approved the continuation of adjustments for some subjects in 2024 .

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Subject description

Community Connections (in 2022)

Community Connections is a 10-credit subject or a 20-credit subject at Stage 2.

Community Connections provides opportunities for success to students who have an interest in a particular SACE Stage 2 subject, but who choose to demonstrate their learning in alternate ways or through a personal connection with the subject area.

The subject values the student’s interests and strengths, enables curiosity, and empowers them to become independent self-directed learners who are willing to try different approaches in different contexts, and discover new ways of thinking and learning.

School and external assessment materials for Stage 2 Community Connections will be submitted for online moderation and online marking using school assessment results sheets in Schools Online.

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Subject codes

Subject codes

Stage 2
Subject Credits Code
Humanities and Social Sciences Connections 10 2HSC10
Humanities and Social Sciences Connections 20 2HSC20
STEM Connections 10 2STC10
STEM Connections 20 2STC20
Practical Connections 10 2PRC10
Practical Connections 20 2PRC20
Interdisciplinary Connections 10 2IDC10
Interdisciplinary Connections 20 2IDC20