Community organisations

Community organisations are invited to have their programs considered for recognition towards the SACE.

The appraisal of such community-developed programs involves:

  • consultation with the community organisation
  • the collection of relevant documentation to support the recognition process
  • the establishment of a Recognition Panel (made up of community members and SACE Board officers)
  • consideration of the documentation by the Recognition Panel and the preparation of a recognition report and recommendations
  • consideration of the recognition report and recommendations of the Recognition Panel by the SACE Board.

The SACE Board will appraise the nature, scope, and level of complexity of community learning in a program of instruction that follows a formal, accredited curriculum of a community-developed program.

The SACE Board will base its appraisal on the evaluation of a range of information provided by the community organisation (e.g. curriculum documents, assessment prescriptions, syllabuses, or guidelines, evidence of student performance at various levels, evidence of quality assurance mechanisms, discussions with community leaders) against the learning to be gained through SACE Board-accredited subjects.

The SACE Board will make decisions about the value of the learning that has taken place in terms of the:

  • number of SACE credits that will be awarded
  • the SACE level (Stage 1 or Stage 2) at which SACE credits will be awarded
  • area of community learning.

An application form is available to assist community organisations applying for recognition of a community-developed program.

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