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Harrison Chow


The winner of the 2020 IEU SACE Art Show Award is Harrison Chow for his work ‘Lucinda’. The St Peter's College, Adelaide, South Australia graduate will receive $250 kindly donated by IEU SA.

"For my first major artwork, I decided to begin by looking at the work of Agnes Cecile. Beginning with the figurative. Works like “Drawing Restraints” and “Lines hold the Memories”. Her images are monochromatic watercolour works. I liked her use of medium, ink on canvas. I then moved onto other artists like Meevi Choi and Samantha Rueter. Meevi Choi works with coloured pencil and sketches the human figure. “Male Model Standing” and “Male Model Leaning” are free and loose approach drawings. Rueter uses large canvases with acrylic paint to paint female figures. Some of these that I studied were “After Rain” and “Work in progress”. I was interested in these due to the abstract style. Upon further investigation, many of these images were particularly stylized and not really what I wanted to emulate.

View Harrison's practitioners statement [PDF 32KB]

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