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Special provisions Reasonable adjustments

School-approved adjustments to school and external assessments do not require approval from the SACE Board. They should be documented at the school in a central record managed by the SACE Coordinator, such as a spreadsheet. A spreadsheet (example) for recording special provisions can be found in forms and support materials

Examples of school-approved adjustments include:

  • adjustments to school-assessment tasks (the format, size and scope, the number of assessment design criteria)
  • extensions to school set due dates
  • extra reading time
  • extra writing time (typically 10 minutes per hour / up to 20 minutes per hour for students with more significant difficulties)
  • use of a word processor in examinations
  • use of rest breaks (without loss of reading/writing time)
  • use of a reader, clarifier, or assistive technology
  • use of a scribe with separate invigilation
  • access to medication (with time made up for attending to medical needs)
  • separate invigilation
  • reducing the number of school-assessment tasks in an assessment type

Please refer to Special provisions forms and support materials for examples of possible adjustments in relation to the grounds for eligibility and possible impact of a condition / circumstances on a student's ability to participate in or comply with the conditions of SACE curriculum and assessment.

Case studies [DOC 124KB] provide further individual examples of school-approved special provisions.