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Moderation is a collaborative process where success is dependent on the partnership between teachers, schools and the SACE Board. All parties are working towards the same objective - the best possible outcomes for young people in their learning.

During moderation, samples of student work are reviewed to make sure the assessment decisions (grades) are consistent with the performance standards for that subject.

At Stage 2, the SACE Board is responsible for moderating the 70 per cent school assessment component in each subject. Moderation confirms a school's interpretation of the performance standards before students receive their final grades in the subject. Moderation is based on evidence provided through samples of student work from assessment groups.

In each Stage 2 subject, moderation confirms the range of grade levels (from A+ to E-).

Moderation occurs at the end of Semester 1 for some Stage 2 subjects and the end of Semester 2 for others, depending on the length of the subject and number of students enrolled.

After results are released, the SACE Board provides quantitative and qualitative data confirming the application of the performance standards to all schools. Schools incorporate the feedback from moderation into their improving and planning processes for the following year.