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Assessment responsibilities

The SACE Board and schools share responsibility for assessment in the SACE.

SACE Board responsibilities

The SACE Board is responsible for:

  • the quality assurance process for the school assessment component in each subject (100 per cent at Stage 1 and 70 per cent at Stage 2). This is based on schools' assessment of students' learning against the performance standards
  • managing the 30 per cent external assessment component (at Stage 2 only)
  • the process of combining the results for both assessment components
  • reporting students' results in the subject.

The SACE Board also provides continual support and assistance to schools.

School responsibilities

Schools are partners with the SACE Board in managing their assessment responsibilities, but they have a different role in the assessment process. The school principal has responsibility for the quality of teaching, learning, and assessment in his or her school, including responsibility for implementing SACE Board policies.

The school's role in assessment includes:

  • developing and amending learning and assessment plans for each Stage 1 and Stage 2 subject
  • providing a grade from A to E at Stage 1, and A+ to E- at Stage 2, in accordance with the performance standards and learning requirements (or in the case of Modified Subjects, providing a 'completed' or 'not completed' result)
  • developing school procedures to ensure the authenticity of student materials
  • submitting student materials for moderation and/or external assessment
  • incorporating any adjustments recommended through the moderation process into final Stage 1 results
  • noting any adjustments to students' Stage 2 school assessment grades made by the SACE Board, and analysing these for internal improvement purposes.

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