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Students apply practical skills and design principles to provide creative solutions to text-based communication tasks. They create both hard copy and electronic text-based publications, and evaluate the development process.

Students use technology to design and implement information processing solutions, and identify, choose, and use the appropriate computer hardware and software to process, manage and communicate information in a range of contexts.

Stage 1 subject code: 1IPR10 or 1IPR20

Credits: 10 or 20

Stage 2 subject code: 2IPR10 or 2IPR20

Credits: 10 or 20

Subject Outline 2017 [DOC 165KB]

Subject Outline 2018 [DOC 175KB]

Changes to moderation sample selection

From 2017, the SACE Board will no longer select Stage 2 moderation samples for school assessed materials. Teachers will select the moderation sample.

Read more about moderation sample selection, including FAQs and an instructional video.

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