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The SACE Board has approved the continuation of adjustments for some subjects in 2024 .

2020 last year of teaching (green info box)

Nutrition has a new Stage 1 and Stage 2 curriculum in 2021.

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This subject has an electronic examination at Stage 2. See Assessment Type 3: Examination.

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Subject description


Students investigate up-to-date scientific information on the role of nutrients in the body as well as social and environmental issues in nutrition. They explore the links between food, health, and diet-related diseases, and have the opportunity to examine factors that influence food choices and reflect on local, national, Indigenous, and global concerns and associated issues.

Students investigate methods of food production and distribution that affect the quantity and quality of food and consider the ways in which these methods and associated technologies influence the health of individuals and communities. The study of nutrition assists students to reinforce or modify their own diets and lifestyle habits to maximise their health outcomes.

Birds-eye view of an assortment of colourful fruit and vegetables on a grey table.

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Subject codes

Subject codes

Stage 1
Credits Code
10 1NTN10
20 1NTN20
Stage 2
Credits Code
10 2NTN10
20 2NTN20