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Music Studies Subject operational information

Stage 2 Music Studies

These web pages connect schools and teachers to information on procedures relating to final moderation and external assessment requirements. Key dates, including dates for the submission of results, are also provided.

Stage 2 Music Studies is a 20-credit subject.

The learning and assessment requirements for this subject are set out in the subject outline for Stage 2 Music Studies.

Refer to Learning and assessment plans for information on developing and approving Stage 2 Music Studies LAPs.

Online moderation and marking

School assessment materials for Stage 2 Music Studies will be submitted for online moderation using school assessment results sheets in Schools Online.

Combining small classes

Refer to Assessment groups — Stage 2 (information sheet 1) for information on combining classes to form an assessment group.

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Key dates

For a simplified list of key operational dates, see the Music Studies calendar.

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School assessment component

Teachers assess the evidence of student learning for:

  • Assessment Type 1: Creative Works
  • Assessment Type 2: Musical Literacy.

The SACE Board quality assures the school assessment results through final moderation.

Refer to SACE Assessment and Reporting Guidelines [DOC 290KB] and SACE Stage 2 Moderation Overview [DOC 33KB] for information about the policy context and procedures.

Moderation sample selection

Teachers select the moderation sample of school-assessed materials to submit to the SACE Board.

Refer to Moderation sample selection, which includes FAQs and an instructional video.

Submitting school assessment materials for final moderation

School assessment materials for Stage 2 Music Studies will be submitted using school assessment results sheets in Schools Online.
For more information see Online submission of materials.

Supervision and verification

Refer to the information in Supervision and Verification of Students' Work: Policy and Procedures [DOC 90KB] on the use of the record sheet [DOC 164KB] to record and authenticate each student's work. If used, these sheets are to be kept in the school until the end of the clerical check period in February 2022.

A teacher who is unable to verify that the work is the student's on must initiate a breach of rules action through the school's SACE/NTCET coordinator.


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External assessment component

Students complete one 130-minute examination.

Refer to the subject outline for details of the examination requirements.

Refer to the exam timetable for the date of the examination.

Preparing predicted examination results for external assessment

The SACE Board uses predicted results as part of the quality assurance of Stage 2 external examinations and performances, and for some approved special provisions in assessment. Refer to Results sheets — Stage 2 predicted results (Information sheet 52) for information on completing predicted examination results sheets.

Examination materials for external assessment

The SACE Board sends examination question booklets to examination centres according to the delivery dates in Written examinations — question booklets (Information sheet 48).

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