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Planning to teach

What are the essential teaching materials for this subject?

This minisite provides information and materials to teach this subject. Some of the information is essential for teaching and assessment. Other material is provided to support the development of teaching and learning programs.

Teaching and learning programs for each subject must be based on the relevant subject outline, and use the learning requirements, assessment design criteria, and performance standards specified in the subject outline.

Essential teaching information Complementary teaching information

The following resources must be used to ensure students can meet the learning and assessment requirements for each subject:

  • Subject outline
  • Stage 1 Information and Guidelines
  • Subject operational information (Stage 2)
  • Learning and assessment plan forms and advice
  • SACE Board policies and procedures

Other resources provided to support teachers' work include:

  • Learning and assessment plans
  • Assessment tasks and student responses
  • Subject advice and strategies
  • SACE Assessment and Reporting Guidelines
  • Stage 1 and Stage 2 Moderation Overviews