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Monique Langley-Freeman

Education Consultant
+61 8 8115 4720

Contact — Stage 2

Virginia Thompson

Education Consultant

+61 8 8115 4716

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English as an Additional Language

Stage 1 English as an Additional Language is designed to improve students' general proficiency in the English language. There is an emphasis on communication, comprehension, analysis, and text creation. This subject leads to Stage 2 English as an Additional Language, which has a focus on developing students' academic literacy skills, and may also lead to other Stage 2 English subjects.

Students who want to enrol in English as an Additional Language should apply to their school principal or principal's delegate for eligibility using Form 6.

Students who complete this subject with a C grade or better will meet the literacy requirement of the SACE.

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Term 1 new teachers workshop

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Subject codes

Stage 1
Credits Code
10 1EAL10
20 1EAL20
Stage 2
Credits Code
20 2EAL20

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