University studies

The SACE Board has the following recognition arrangements towards the SACE, for university studies. For a semester or full-year undergraduate degree course undertaken at an Australian university:

  • recognition is granted for up to 20 credits of the SACE at Stage 2. Students are able to study a semester (10 credits), two semesters (20 credits), or a full-year subject (20 credits)
  • recognition is not granted against the literacy and numeracy requirements
  • recognition is not granted against Research Project (Stage 2)
  • the 10 or 20 credits granted are not able to count towards the requirement for 60 credits at a C grade or better at Stage 2
  • recognition is granted if the student has demonstrated that he or she has gained a ‘satisfactory achievement’ in that subject, in accordance with the university assessment and reporting processes
  • satisfactory achievement in any university subject will be reported as ‘University Studies’. This entry will receive the designation ‘granted’ and the relevant number of credits
  • foundation courses do not count towards recognition of university studies
  • recognition will not be granted for every university subject; it is in the best interests of students to obtain information prior to enrolment about recognition of the course that they intend to study.

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