SACE Stage 2 exit assessment

The exit assessment provision is designed to provide a record of recognised achievement (reported on the Record of Achievement as 10 credits and ‘granted’) for students who leave school in the second half of the year or who have made a subject adjustment as a result of counselling after enrolments have closed.

The Recognition application — Stage 2 exit assessment form is to be used for students who have withdrawn from any full-year (20-credit) Stage 2 subject after their enrolment has been recorded on the SACE Board database, Schools Online.

After Wednesday 3 August, schools must identify such students using the ‘W’ facility on the subject enrolment and assessment group confirmation list (see Information Sheet 7) or the online results sheet, and send Form 13 to the SACE Board when they submit the confirmation list or the online results sheet.

On the form, each subject teacher is asked to declare that the students have satisfactorily completed (i.e. achieved a C grade or better for Community Studies and/or a C– or better for all other Stage 2 subjects) approximately half the program reflected in the learning and assessment plan and associated assessments.

Teachers should note that there is no straightforward division of Stage 2 subject outlines into halves and therefore a recognised exit assessment will be recorded as ‘granted’ and not as a grade.

Evidence of student learning that validates the exit assessment must be retained in the school for 12 months for SACE Board auditing purposes.

Subsequent re-enrolment in and completion of the same subject in another year will cancel the recognition granted for that subject.

Students with a recognised exit assessment in a Stage 2 English subject may count 10 credits towards the literacy requirement of the SACE. Students with a recognised exit assessment in a Stage 2 mathematics subject may count 10 credits to meet the numeracy requirement of the SACE. Students with a recognised exit assessment in a Stage 2 Board-accredited subject may count 10 credits towards the requirement for 60 credits at C– or better at Stage 2.

Students should apply for recognition of a Stage 2 exit assessment using Form 13.

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