Languages courses

The SACE Board has recognition arrangements for students who successfully undertake the following language courses delivered by the School of Languages, South Australian Department for Education and Child Development (DECD):

  1. A maximum of 20 credits at Stage 1 is granted for any of the following:
  • Croatian (beginners)
  • Hungarian (beginners)
  • Khmer (beginners)
  • Persian (beginners)
  • Polish (beginners)
  • Portuguese (beginners)
  • Serbian (beginners)
  • Swahili (beginners)
  • Vietnamese (beginners).
  1. Recognition is granted for students who gain a C grade or better (as determined by the School of Languages, DECD) for a course of 60 hours of teaching time (10 credits at Stage 1) or for a course of 120 hours of teaching time (20 credits at Stage 1).
  2. Recognition is granted upon receipt of appropriate documentation of the student’s achievements from the school in which the student is enrolled, or by the School of Languages, DECD.

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