Strategic Plan

The SACE Board of South Australia is an independent statutory authority with responsibility for the accreditation, assessment, recognition, and certification of learning in the South Australian Certificate of Education (the SACE).

The Strategic Plan 2016–2020 outlines the Board's strategic directions for the 5-year period and reflects the Board's vision for student success through the SACE.

The Strategic Plan is framed around the following key strategic priorities:

  • introduce electronic assessment for marking, moderating, and examinations
  • continue to ensure the accurate and timely delivery of end-of-year results
  • strengthen the international profile of the SACE, to enhance its reputation and contribute to the state’s economy
  • contribute to a high-quality teaching workforce through the Institute of Educational Assessors
  • renew SACE subjects to ensure that they suitably prepare young people for work, life, and further learning
  • communicate to stakeholders and the community on the SACE as a world-class qualification
  • strengthen the SACE Board’s financial position to ensure sustainability and build capacity for innovation.

These priorities provide a foundation for monitoring and evaluating how the Board achieves its core business.

The Board will seek regular feedback on its performance against the Strategic Plan and will use the results to improve its approaches, policies, and procedures.