Learning and assessment plans

Teachers of all Stage 2 subjects, with the exception of Community Studies and the Research Project, are required to teach from an approved learning and assessment plan.

Before teaching can commence, learning and assessment plans must be approved by the SACE Board. This ensures that the intended learning and assessment program reflects the subject outline against which students' results will be reported.

Please see the documents below for:

  • how to create a learning and assessment plan, including exemplars and a pro forma
  • an annotated learning and assessment plan
  • information about approvals and length of approval
  • key dates

Learning and assessment plans requiring approval in 2015 should be submitted to the SACE Board by:

  • Friday 6 February for a 20-credit subject and a 10-credit subject (Semester 1)
  • Wednesday 29 July for a 10-credit subject (Semester 2)
  • Advice

    Annotated LAP Exemplar320 KB
    Learning and Assessment Plan Submission - Stage 2 (Information Sheet 14)33 KB
    Stage 2 LAP Checklist for Teachers452 KB
  • Exemplars

    Exemplar 1 - For a class with ready access to computers or laptops270 KB
  • Pro forma

    Physics LAP pro forma302 KB