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The SACE Board has approved the continuation of adjustments for some subjects in 2024 .

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The 2023 Subject Assessment Advice report for Beginners level languages is now available which may be helpful in your programming and planning for 2024 and beyond. Please also note that eligibility applications must be approved for all students enrolling in Beginners level languages.

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Indonesian (beginners)

The beginners level languages are designed for students with little or no previous knowledge and/or experience of the language before undertaking Stage 1, and are designed as a 2-year program for students who wish to begin their study of the language at senior secondary level.

Students develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and information and communication technologies to create and engage effectively with a range of spoken, written, visual, and multimodal texts in the particular language.

They develop and apply linguistic and intercultural knowledge, understanding, and skills.

Please note eligibility guidelines apply to this subject.

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Subject codes

Stage 1
Credits Code
10 1INB10
20 1INB20
Stage 2
Credits Code
20 2INB20