Stage 2 | Assessment Type 3: Examination (1)

French (continuers) Stage 2
Assessment Type 3: Examination

Exam External assessment Weighting: 30%

The French (continuers) examination is an e-exam that is assessed externally. See the calendar for the date of the examination.

The examination consists of two assessments: oral and written.

Oral examination

The oral examination takes 10 to 15 minutes and has two sections: 

  • Section 1: Conversation (approximately 5 to 7 minutes)
  • Section 2: Discussion (approximately 5 to 8 minutes)

Written examination

The 130-minute written examination has three sections:

  • Section 1 – Listening and Responding
  • Section 2 – Reading and Responding
  • Section 3 – Writing in French

Student work should be their own. See Supervision and verification of student work.

Preparing for the exam

There are many ways to prepare for an exam. Resources specifically for French (continuers) are available below.

Past exams

Content in past exams may not be reflective of content in future exams.

Stage 2 | Assessment Type 3: Examination (2)

Sample exams

Sample exams better reflect the types of questions students may be asked in future electronic exams. Questions may include media types which have not been possible in a paper exam (e.g. watching a video and responding). Practising these will help students become familiar with the way questions are asked, and the features of the exam system (e.g. spellcheck and highlighting).

Sample exams may not be provided for each year. They are only published when there is a significant change to the exam, like a new question type or new functionality. 

Stage 2 | Assessment Type 3: Examination (3)

Preparing predicted examination results for external assessment

The SACE Board uses predicted results as part of the quality assurance of Stage 2 external examinations and performances, and for some approved special provisions in assessment. Refer to Results sheets — Stage 2 predicted results (Information sheet 52) for information on completing predicted examination results sheets.