2020 is the last year of teaching the current Stage 2 Economics. (green box)

2020 is the last year of teaching the current Stage 2 Economics.  2021 is the first year of teaching renewed Stage 2 Economics see Stage 2 in 2021.

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Economics (Stage 2 in 2020)

Students learn how an economy operates, the structure of economic systems and the way in which they function. Students develop an understanding of different economic systems and institutions, and can assess the degree to which these systems and institutions help satisfy people's needs and wants. They become aware that economic decisions are not value-free and have outcomes that may be inconsistent with social, moral, and ethical values.

Students research, analyse, evaluate, and apply economic models that are expressed in graphical and/or diagrammatic form. They make forecasts about economic change and evaluate issues for individuals and groups in local, national, and global settings.

For Stage 1, see renewed Stage 1.

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Stage 2
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20 2EMS20