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What's new in 2018

Ancient Studies will be taught for the first time at Stage 2 in 2018.

Students learn about the history, literature, society and culture of ancient civilisations, which may include Asia-Australia, the Americas, Europe and Western Asia, and the classical civilisations of Greece and Rome.

They consider the environmental, social, economic, religious, cultural, and aesthetic aspects of societies.

Stage 1 subject codes: 1ANT10 or 1ANT20

Credits: 10 or 20

Stage 2 subject code: 2ANT20

Credits: 20

Stage 1 subject outline 2018 [DOC 142KB]

Stage 2 subject outline 2018 [DOC 142KB]



Subject change in 2018

From 2018, the study of Classical Civilizations is incorporated in Stage 2 Ancient Studies.
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