External assessment

At Stage 2 the SACE Board marks the 30% external assessment component of all subjects. External assessment takes a range of forms depending on the subject.

For all external assessments, the SACE Board conducts rigorous integrity checks to ensure consistency between markers and within each marker's work.


Some Stage 2 subjects have written examinations as the external assessment. Languages subjects have an oral examination as well as a written examination.

Examination papers for the past 3 years can be found under the Stage 2 support materials section of the relevant subject minisite.


Some Stage 2 subjects have externally assessed investigations. Investigations are marked by the subject teacher before being sent to the SACE Board for marking by Board-appointed and -trained markers.


Performances comprise the external assessment in Drama, Dance, and three music subjects (Ensemble Performance, Performance Special Study, and Solo Performance). They are marked independently by subject teachers and SACE Board markers at the time of each performance.

Performance schedules will be on the relevant subject minisite by the end of Term 1 of each year for Dance and Drama, and by Term 3 for music subjects.

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