Our new brand — it's yours, it's ours, it's mine.


South Australia’s Certificate of Education is evolving through our modernisation program, and so too is our brand.

The evolution of the SACE

The plus mark

Our new logo was created around the symbol of the plus mark (+), representing advantage and the positive change brought about by achieving the SACE qualification. Its continuous flow represents the continued renewal of the SACE program.

South Australian Certificate of Education logo

South Australian Certificate of Education

Green represents the SACE, a modern and valuable qualification for life.

SACE International logo

SACE International

Blue represents the SACE International, our qualification adopted by schools in Asia and the South Pacific.

SACE Board logo

SACE Board

Orange represents the SACE Board, a 21st century education authority.

Learning at the pace of change

Key phrase

'Learning at the pace of change' is our key phrase that represents the value of the SACE in the 21st century. As the world changes and education needs changes, the SACE evolves to meet those needs.

LATPOC illustration


Our brand illustration depicts the world of change within which students learn, and the capabilities they achieve along the way.

Capability posters

To brighten up your senior study areas and classrooms, we have created a set of capability posters, click on the posters below to download them.


Our new website is coming….

We are currently redesigning our website to improve navigation and user experience. Whether you are teaching the SACE, coordinating the SACE, or studying the SACE, look out for our new website coming soon.


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