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Assessment panels — Stage 2 expressions of interest
Information sheet 02

Advice for new applicants about expressing interest in membership of assessment panels.

The SACE Board invites teachers to express interest in membership of the following assessment panels:

School assessment

  • Moderation (final)

External assessment

  • Examination setting
  • Examination vetting
  • Marking — investigations, oral examinations, performances, and written examinations.

Members of these assessment panels work collaboratively with the relevant SACE officer, the Chief Supervisor — Schools Assessment, and/or the Chief Supervisor — External Assessment for the subject, to ensure that the assessment and moderation processes for Stage 2 subjects lead to fair, valid, and reliable results for students.

Refer to Stage 2 Quality assurance and assessment panels [PDF 146KB] for an outline of each panel’s purpose and the roles of panel members.

Expressions of interest

Expressions of interest are submitted using the application form.

Applicants should complete the form and provide supporting information, which will be used during the selection process.

Applicants must read the information about the requirement to sign a declaration upon appointment.

Panel members are drawn from a register of applicants whose expressions of interest have been accepted by the SACE Board.

Each year the SACE Board invites people who are on the register to update their personal information and availability for panels.

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Selection and appointment of panel members

  • All teachers have access to the SACE Board’s expression of interest process for consideration as members of panels.
  • The addition of approved people to the register occurs in accordance with the SACE Board’s criteria for selection and procedures.
  • Membership of panels is drawn from the register in accordance with SACE Board procedures, taking into account the availability of applicants for the duration of the subject’s marking and/or moderation.
  • All panel members are formally appointed and allocated a SACE Board identification number. They are required to complete a SACE Board panel appointment form and code of conduct / potential conflict of interest declaration every year.
  • Panel members receive training and support from the SACE Board. All marking and moderation panel members are required to attend training. When panel members are required to be absent from school on SACE Board duties, the school is provided with TRT vouchers to cover the absence. Out-of-hours duties are remunerated where applicable.
  • The Chief Supervisor — School Assessment, the Chief Supervisor — External Assessment, and SACE Officers are responsible for training panel members
  • In the case of panel members based in the Northern Territory, the SACE Board liaises with the Northern Territory Director, Senior years curriculum.
  • At the end of the moderation and marking processes the Chief Supervisor — School Assessment or the Chief Supervisor — External Assessment provides feedback on panel member performance.
  • Appointment of chief supervisors follows a merit selection processes, which involves an application and referee check.
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