Schools Online general

What is Schools Online?

Schools Online is an application available to schools to enter and manage students' SACE enrolments and results.

What are results sheets in Schools Online?

Results sheets are the online mechanism for teachers to enter Stage 1 and Stage 2 results in Schools Online. Teachers will submit the results to the Principal's Delegate who will check and confirm the results, and submit them to the SACE Board.

Who is the Principal's Delegate?

The Principal's Delegate is one or more people nominated by the Principal at the school. The Principal's Delegate may or may not be the school's SACE Coordinator.

The Principal's Delegate has final delegation at the school in Schools Online to submit results to the SACE Board.

Is it possible to have more than one Principal's Delegate at my school?

Yes. If a school requires more than one Principal's Delegate, i.e. if this role is co-owned or shared, or if the school wishes to have a back-up, Schools Online can accommodate this requirement.

How do I access Schools Online?

The Principal's Delegate at your school is responsible for setting up your user account. To access Schools Online, you will need your school email address, password and a web link.

What happens after results are verified by the Principal's Delegate?

When the results have been checked and verified at the school, the Principal's Delegate submits the results to the SACE Board via Schools Online.

What happens after the school assessment results have been submitted to the SACE Board?

The SACE Board receives and saves the results, and updates student enrolments based on the withdrawn and added students indicated by the school via ORS.