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To support the successful implementation of electronic examinations in 2018, the SACE Board has developed a suite of targeted training programs for participating school personnel. There are three phases to the training, with each phase building on the previous one.

Phase 1 - Role clarification

This training focuses on role clarification, providing an opportunity for the school’s SACE coordinator and IT manager to plan who will perform specific tasks (around 50 administrative and technical) in preparation for, and on exam day.

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Phase 2 - Learning exam features

This training is offered as a one-hour online training course via PLATO and focuses on the features of the Electronic Examination System that SACE coordinators, IT managers (if applicable) and invigilators will use to administer a trial exam, and the final end-of-year examination. 

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Phase 3 - Managing certain situations

This training focuses on preparing all electronic exam personnel to be competent and in control when managing situations, such as student device failure, that may occur on the examination day.

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